The Best Snacks to Eat While Chatting Online

The Best Snacks to Eat While Chatting Online
The Best Snacks to Eat While Chatting Online

One thing that many people like to do while they are chatting online is eating a snack. However, if you are using a computer at the same time as you are chatting, there are some things you should keep in mind. You don’t want to get your computer too dirty and if you are doing audio or video chat you don’t want to be chewing or munching so loudly into the microphone. Here are some ideas for what to eat – and what not to eat – while chatting online.

Don’t Use Sauces

Anything with sauce can splash all over your computer and make a big mess. Don’t eat a big pasta meal, a delicious curry, or even a soup. When you slurp you could get it on your screen, or annoy your friends on audio or video chat. Soups can spill and they don’t come in convenient covered options like a water bottle so it doesn’t spill all over.

Bite-Sized Finger Foods

The foods that you can eat with your fingers are best. For example, crackers, fruits, veggies, or even gummy candies are great options for foods that won’t get things too dirty and won’t cause you to have to take your fingers off your keyboard for too long. Plus they give a satisfying crunch that will keep you online for a while without having to take a break to make a meal.

Avoid Greasy Foods

As much as we all like to munch on chips or french fries while snacking online, grease can make for a filthy computer. It can also make your fingers slip and slide on the keyboard so you might have more trouble typing. Greasy foods are so yummy but they will make your time online a bit harder.

Use a Covered Cup

A thermos, travel mug, or covered straw cup is a great way to drink your favorite juice, water, or other beverage. That way, it won’t spill all over your computer in a freak accident. Drinking near a computer is kind of edgy but staying hydrated will be an important component of staying online as long as you want to.

Don’t Get Wasted

Sure you may want to have fun drinking alcohol and chatting online, but it’s not the best idea. Having one or two drinks is probably fine but getting too drunk can lead you to say things you don’t mean and might prevent you from making friends online! Plus, you might have trouble typing properly.

Now have fun and stay well-fed while chatting online!

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